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Hopefully the following Q & A will give you some answers

Q. My florist will be wiring flowers and foliage in my bouquet.
A. This is definitely not recommended as wiring causes preservation problems. It is also time consuming for us to remove wired flowers/foliage without damage.
Q. Do I need to book in advance of my wedding ?
A. Yes you can book in advance of your wedding - but if you forget -
don't worry - just give us a call/email anytime and we will do the rest.
Q. How soon after the wedding do you require to receive my flowers ?
A. Ideally a maximum of 48 hours after your wedding, but a few more days
later should not prove a problem as flowers can be very resilient.
Q. What do I do with them in the meantime before you get them ?
A. Please keep your flowers in a cool place. Do not spray them with water
and do not place in a fridge or freezer. If a hand-tied bouquet - ok
to place the stems in water.
Q. How long does it take to preserve my flowers ?
A. depending on the flowers in your bouquet, anything between 4/6 weeks.
Q. Do the flowers keep their colour after preserving ?
A. The preserving process can darken some flowers. Also some flowers
are easier to preserve than others. A degree of colour change can be
expected. e.g. red roses will deepen to become a very deep red.
Whilst white/ivory roses preserve very well they will after time - either deepen
or take on the underlying colour of the particular variety.
This must be fully understood before preservation.
Please discuss with us when we receive your bouquet.
Q. Can you uplift my flowers ?
A. No - unfortunately we do not offer a collection service.
Q. I live outwith Scotland - can you preserve my flowers ?
A. Yes we can - but unfortunately due to damage occurring to frames sent by
courier/mail, we have to advise collection in person only of completed frames.
Q. Before I go off on honeymoon - do I need to choose what frame I want ?
A. No, you can go off on honeymoon - have a great time - and once you
are home - then you can decide what frame/etc you would want.
Q. What can I expect my preserved flowers to look like ?
A. As your flowers are all processed individually - therefore retaining their size,
shape and colour - a 3D effect will be obtained once they are placed
in our box frames.
Q. Can I have my flowers preserved without putting them in a box frame ?
A. No - all preserved flowers must be displayed in a box frame.
Q. What about payment ?
A. The preservation fee of 35.00 must be paid when we receive your bouquet.
A. After preservation, a deposit of 50.00 will be requested when box frame/etc is chosen. This amount will be deducted from final cost on uplift of box frame and if this is not collected within a period of six months from date of choosing box frame/etc...this amount will be forfeited.
Q. How long after I have chosen my frame/etc can I expect to get my
preserved bouquet in its box frame ?
A. Once you have decided on frame/mount/etc the completed frame should
be with you in approximately 6/8 weeks later.

Hopefully we have covered most of the questions you would like answered.
However, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01505 615760 if you require
any further assistance or information.


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