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(1)  It is our customer's responsibility to ensure that their flowers are given to us in the best possible condition. We would ask that we receive your flowers ideally maximum 48 hours after your wedding, but a few more days should not prove a problem, as flowers can be very resilient.  Flowers should be kept in a cool place. Do not spray with water. Please do not put the flowers in a fridge or freezer. If a hand-tied bouquet - stems can be placed in water.

(2) Preservation Fee of £35.00 is payable upon receipt of your flowers.

(3) Your flowers will immediately be put under the preservation process after receipt.

(4) Always Blooms will do their very best to preserve and frame your flowers to the highest possible standards. However we do not take any responsibility for any poor results - arising from age, condition and variety of flower. It is our customer's responsibility to ensure that they are fully aware - after discussions with Always Blooms - of the results they can expect from the preservation process - i.e. that the colour of the flowers can deepen and may sometimes need to be enhanced.

(5) Preserving process can take anything between 4/6 weeks depending on flowers involved.

(6) Once preservation of all flowers is completed our customers will be contacted. If from that date and for a further 6 months afterwards no contact by our customers is forthcoming, then a final email/text will be sent and if no response received within 24 hours of receipt of the email/text message - Always Blooms reserves the right to re-cycle the flowers.

(7) Once our customers have chosen frames/mounts/etc - our hand-made box frames will take a further 4/6 weeks to complete.

(8) Always Blooms will not preserve flowers on a stand alone basis. They must always be incorporated into our hand-made box frames. It is also not possible for our customers to provide their own frames

(9) Always Blooms states that as preserved flower arranging together with actual flower arranging is not an exact science - the presentation of them in our hand-made box frames - whilst to the highest standards - in some cases will not exactly replicate your bouquet - this being dependent on style and size of frame chosen and condition of flowers.

(10) Once our customer's hand-made box frame with flowers is completed - to the customer's satisfaction - no money will be refunded if you are dissatisfied with the colour, texture and positioning of your flowers in the future. All details should be fully understood before proceeding.

(11) If our customers cannot make a decision regarding what they want done with their flowers e.g. be displayed in our hand-made box frame and/or paperweight, the preserved flowers cannot - for obvious reasons - be returned to the customer.

(12) Always Blooms advise that all flowers preserved by us remain our property until paid in full.

(13) With immediate effect Always Blooms would ask that the final balance is paid on collection of hand-made box frame.

(14) Always Blooms takes no responsibility for any damage sustained once completed hand-made box frames with flowers are uplifted from our premises.
Due to the fragility of the preserved flowers, Always Blooms strongly recommends that these are uplifted by hand from our premises, as we cannot guarantee safe delivery by either post or courier.
Thank you for your understanding.

(15) The preserving process can darken some flowers. Some flowers are easier to preserve than others. A degree of colour change can be expected. For example a red rose will become a very deep red, whereas, pink or white roses will retain their original colour to begin with but will 'mellow' over time. Some flaking of preserved flowers can be expected

(16) Always Blooms liability is limited to the full price of the completed hand-made box frame with flowers only.

(17)Important Note: When email/text message is sent to our customers advising order is complete - if no contact by customer is forthcoming - we will hold the box frame/preserved flowers for a 1 month period - when a final email/text message will be sent to customer - and if at that time there is no contact from customer whatsoever within a 24 hour period from date of receipt of email/text message - Always Blooms reserves the right to re-cycle the flowers.

(18)Important note 2: Also if no contact or follow up is made by the customer from time of receiving the flowers, or correspondence is sporadic over a length of time with no decision made including choosing of frame, etc by the customer once the flowers are preserved .. due to whatever delay .. the flowers will not have been sealed resulting in a degradation of the flowers, which then causes the gradual disintegration of the flowers, so it is imperative the customer keeps in touch on a regular basis.

Thank you for taking time to read our Terms & conditions.

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